If you’re ready to embrace the outdoor leisure lifestyle, you’re in luck; there’s an industry worth $6.2 billion that’s ready and waiting to elevate your backyard.

The best place to start is from the ground up. Travertine pavers are beautiful, durable, and natural, making them the ideal choice for any backyard makeover idea.

These paver ideas will get you inspired to makeover your backyard into the ideal outdoor living space.

Travertine Tile Patio

A concrete patio is basic and dull looking. Wood patios require regular maintenance to stay looking nice. Travertine elevates your patio, is low maintenance and is incredibly durable.

What makes them even better is that you can lay travertine over existing concrete. The travertine brings warmth and natural tones to your patio.  Place a table and chairs with a grill or even build an outdoor kitchen on your patio.

You can then transition the patio area into the yard area with larger pavers. Unlike the patio, where the pavers are laid tightly together, leave space between these outer ones. Then you can fill in space around them with gravel.

This defines the space, looks very modern, and reduces the amount of yard you have to care for.

Outdoor Living Room

Creating an outdoor living room gives you the perfect space to hang out outside and enjoy the cooler evening temperatures of spring and fall. This space is different from your patio. Focus on creating a communal seating area where you can gather with family and friends.

Use travertine pavers to define the space and give you a solid base. Then you could lay an outdoor rug and place a coffee table, couches, and chairs around it.

For an elevated plan, you could use coordinating pavers and stacked stone to build a fire pit. This increases the usability of your outdoor living space and gives it a feel of luxury.

Mark a Path

Do you already have a path that you and your family use to cut through the backyard? Then why not make it official with travertine? When you repeatedly walk over grass, it begins to die and wear away.

You’re left with an ugly dead grass and dirt path that gets muddy and dusty with the changing weather. Clean up the path and your shoes by laying down pavers. This creates a solid and clean surface for you to walk on.

Create Different Levels

One smart way to create visual interest in your landscaping is to build different levels. Build up areas of your backyard and then use pavers to create walkways and steps up to the elevated area. Then use pavers on the flat elevated area to create a smooth and solid surface.

You could combine this idea with other ideas on this list. You could turn these different elevated areas into your outdoor living room, cactus garden, eating area, or outdoor shower.

Modern Garden

Living in a warm and arid climate can make it challenging to grow a lush garden, but that doesn’t mean you can’t grow anything. Embrace the Arizona climate and local plant life by creating your own cactus garden.

You can use travertine pavers to create a walking path through your garden. It could be modern and geometric with clean straight lines. Or you could be more free-flowing and creative with a windy path that twists and turns around the plants.

Pool Deck

Nothing is worse than hopping out of the cool and refreshing pool and landing on a blazing hot pool deck. Travertine is a perfect choice for around your pool because it stays 20-30% cooler than concrete and other outdoor paving materials.

It’s also low maintenance and ADA compliant .6< slip-resistant. This makes it both affordable and safe.

A simple and classic approach is to choose one type of paver and use it throughout the entire pool deck. This gives you a uniform and clean look.

However, modern design trends have embraced the idea of using more than one type of paver in a single space. You could define your outdoor living spaces by creating a different paver design in each area. Or you could combine pavers to create a multidimensional pattern throughout.

If you plan to do any of these ideas around your pool, it’s best to work with a professional team. They can advise you on chiseled vs tumbled travertine, the proper buying amounts, and how to best lay the pavers around your pool.

Outdoor Showers

Outdoor showers were once seen as something only needed when you have a pool. But these days, it’s seen as the ultimate modern luxury. If you have a pool, they come in handy for cleaning off before you hop in.

If you don’t own a pool, they are perfect for cleaning up before heading inside. You could build a full-height shower, or one that’s just meant for rinsing off your feet. Either way, create a large enough space with the pavers to comfortably and easily use the shower.

Then create a path that leads to your home or pool. This will prevent you from getting dirty after you’ve rinsed.

Have Travertine Pavers Professionally Installed

Isn’t it time you upgraded your backyard with travertine pavers? You could redo your existing patio or create a backyard living room space. Perhaps you have a garden that could benefit from a walking path.

Whether you decide to do one or more of these ideas, your next step should be to call the professionals. They can help you select, buy, and lay your pavers. That way, you can confidently enjoy your new travertine, knowing that it will look beautiful for years to come.

Request your free estimate today, and our experienced team will schedule a meeting to discuss your ideas.