Have you been considering a concrete driveway extension? For many homeowners, making sure their frontage is as attractive and functional as possible is a priority. With many households possessing multiple vehicles, additional hardstanding can provide a straightforward parking solution and eliminate the need to part and re-park vehicles to ensure the right one is at the front of the queue to hit the street.

JM Concrete Pros is a driveway extension company that provides the highest quality concrete services across the east valley, Mesa and parts of Phoenix, AZ. Read on to discover more about the advantages of a driveway extension, and why we’re the concrete driveways contractors that you can trust to do the best job possible on your driveway extension possible.

Why opt for a Driveway Extension?

Improve Access in and out of Your Property

Managing multiple vehicles in a relatively small space can be a challenge. A concrete driveway installation provides valuable additional space for your vehicles. Particularly if you’re ending up with wheel ruts or churned-up mud due to vehicles overspilling the parameters of your current concreted area, an extension ensures all drivers have the room they need.

If you want to make access and egress as straightforward as possible, why not consider a horseshoe driveway?

Enough Space for Vehicles

Most households have at least two cars, maybe more. When you’re also likely to have additional visitors on your property, it makes sense to ensure they can park off the road. We are concrete contractors Mesa, AZ, homeowners can rely on to create a driveway extension that’s designed to optimize parking space on your property.

Not only is it more pleasant for guests if they can park on your property, but it also offers added security.

Improved Appearance

When you want a durable, attractive surface for your driveway extension that will keep looking good for decades, no matter what the weather may throw at it, it’s time to start looking for concrete construction services near you!

The range of finishes and colored additives that can be used on a concrete driveway ensure there’s an appealing option for any driveway. For people for whom cost is a consideration, a smooth, even, poured concrete driveway is a neat, tidy way of sorting out your frontage. If you want some added visual interest, options such as stamped concrete, pavers, or paving stones are all fantastic choices.

No matter what the style of your frontage might be, there’s a concrete driveway solution that’s going to work for it.

concrete driveway extension in Gilbert, AZ

Why use Concrete?

A Hard-wearing Driveway Material

Concrete is an excellent choice for driveways, hard standing, extensions, parking lots, paths, and more. It’s extremely hard-wearing and can withstand both very high and very low temperatures. Provided it’s laid correctly, a concrete surface will last for decades, even in challenging climates.


Are you looking for concrete driveway contractors in Gilbert, AZ that will provide you with a driveway extension that requires minimal maintenance? Concrete driveways are resistant to decay due to temperature changes and don’t support the growth of weeds. They’re also resistant to UV light deterioration and discoloration.

Suitable for use on Gradients, Uneven Yards, or Other Challenging Surfaces

Do you have a sloping yard or one that’s uneven? Concrete is a versatile material that can be used effectively on a wide variety of sub-straits. When you use us to create your concrete driveway extension, we’ll carry out all the necessary preparatory work before we lay the concrete, resulting in a smooth, even driveway extension that’s the perfect place to park your vehicles.

Can be Used to Create Curved or Straight Edges

If you want a graceful curve to your driveway – not a problem! JM Concrete Pros is a residential driveway contractor near you that can create driveways and driveway extensions in almost any shape or size – if you’re not sure what design is going to work best in your available space, get in touch with the team at JM Concrete Pros and they’ll be happy to advise.

Why use JM Concrete Pros for Your Driveway Extension?

More than Forty Years of Experience

JM Concrete is a driveway extension company near you that’s been providing high-grade concrete installations since way back in 1977. Over the forty or so years that we’ve been in operation, there have been lots of advances in concreting technology and the products available.

What hasn’t changed since the day we started trading is our commitment to providing our customers with an exceptional level of customer care at every stage of their dealings with us. Honest, courteous, punctual, and respectful, we aim to provide every homeowner with the outstanding results and impeccable service they deserve.

Our team values the fact that you’ve chosen to trust us with your concreting project – we won’t let you down!

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Complete Solution to Your Driveway Extension Requirements

From initial design ideas through to final completion of your concreting project, we have the skills, equipment, and experience to get the job done properly. We have an excellent understanding of the type of driveway extensions that give the greatest curb appeal and that are likely to give the best ROI. Complex projects are a specialty and we like a challenge. If you’re looking for contractors that can carry out a tricky concrete driveway installation near you, it’s time to give us a call.

Over the years, we have concreted scores of driveways and driveway extensions in and around Mesa and Gilbert, AZ. Why not take a look at what our previous (and current) customers are saying about the work we’ve carried out for them? We have reviews on Yelp, Google, and Facebook. Our team is proud of the excellent local reputation we have.

Get in touch with Jorge and the team at JM Concrete Pros to discuss your concrete drive extension project in more detail.