One of the first things people will notice as they approach your property is the landscaping. The landscape design you choose should be the type that will boost your home’s aesthetics says SGI Phoenix. If you want to improve your home’s value and enhance its curb appeal, we suggest that you go for modern concrete pavers.

Architectural-grade concrete pavers are affordable as they appear like natural stones. If you need an ancient beauty on rustic texture at an affordable rate, go for modern concrete pavers. Some people may think that pavers are only suitable for old homes. However, concrete pavers appear elegant in modern homes. Recent designs of concrete pavers are handcrafted to have a sleek appearance, clean lines, and different color schemes.

Where should you use modern concrete pavers?

Concert pavers will enhance the beauty of your home wherever you use them. Concrete pavers can also beautify your indoor spaces when you use them in your indoor spaces to create an area of visual interest.

modern concrete walkway photo

You can install modern concrete pavers just about anywhere:

  • cobblestone driveways
  • front yard hard scapes
  • simple garden paths with stepping stones
  • backyard patios
  • pool decks
  • kitchens

Below are some modern concrete paver ideas you can consider.

  1. Modern backyard paver patio with brick paver pool deck edging
    Use modern concrete pavers to design your backyard patio. If you have a pool in your backyard, you may consider installing a pool deck edging using handcrafted brick pavers. Doing so will give your backyard pool a luxurious appearance. You may decide to complement the area with some greenery. Ensure that the color scheme of your modern patio furniture blends with your concrete pavers and the background walls.
  2. Multi-walkway design
    Concrete pavers come in various shapes, colors, patterns, and designs. Mix the different concrete pavers to create an enticing and unique design for your walkway.
    When using multiple colors on your walkway, ensure that you choose the ones that blend with the surrounding areas. Doing so will make your landscape inviting.
  3. Use concrete pavers as step stones
    Concrete pavers create an elegant design on a property if you use them as step stones on the walkway. To do this, install large and modern concrete pavers on your walkway. Ensure that you keep wide joint spaces between the pavers. You can plant some green grasses within those spaces to show the demarcation. Although you can use other colors, white concrete pavers are preferable for this design.
  4. Large format concrete pavers
    Large pavers are attractive. They make a bold statement in your yard. Install them on your pool deck in a diagonally stacked bond pattern. Between your large concrete pavers should be some grassy joint fillings.
  5. Concrete slab walkway
    Another way to create a bold statement in your front yard is to install concrete slabs. Install any shape of your choice with an elevated pathway to your front door. Fill the spaces between the concrete slabs with grass, sand, or pebbles.
  6. Glossy concrete pathway
    Do you want to stamp a luxurious signature feature on your entryway? Then install a glossy concrete pathway. These modern concrete pavers look like ceramic tiles because of their glossy appeal. However, they are not slippery. You can install them close to each other to create an aesthetic focal point on your landscape.
  7. Concrete pavers on your outdoor living room
    Another place you should install your modern concrete paver is the outdoor living room. You can choose various sizes and patterns of concrete pavers for your patio floors, outdoor kitchen, surrounding landscapes, or outdoor dining.
  8. Concrete pavers on your modern fireplaces
    Modern concrete pavers are durable and fire-resistant. They will make your fireplace the center of attraction if you install them around the fireplace. Whether your fireplace is indoor or outdoor, concrete pavers are your best choice to create an earthly balance.
  9. Concrete pavers on your kitchen floor
    Modern kitchens serve as the heart of the home. For that reason, you need to make them attractive. Do you crave a gleaming kitchen with a natural texture and warmth? Modern concrete pavers will do the trick. You can install them on your kitchen floors, walls, or countertops.
  10.  Concrete pavers on your modern bathroom
    The bathroom is another place to renovate and decorate with modern concrete pavers. If you have a contemporary style bathroom, you can install concrete pavers on the floors around your bathtub. Concrete pavers are water-resistant and will not sustain water damage.
modern concrete paver design

In Summary

Modern concrete pavers are eco-friendly, durable, low-maintenance, and inexpensive. They have a similar appearance to natural stone and are suitable for indoor or outdoor spaces. To obtain the best from your modern concrete pavers, hire professionals for the installation process. They will help you choose the appropriate design for your home.

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